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Get yourself the best custom apparel with screen printing today! Explore our collection and experience the highest-quality prints and designs that will leave you feeling absolutely mesmerized.  Screen printing is like the loud and proud older brother who takes charge and gets the job done. A mesh is used for transferring ink to a substrate or garment, except in areas blocked by a snazzy stencil. Automated printing equipment and technology have taken the wheel in recent days- hurrah for innovation! We've upgraded our facility in order to boost production output and overall print quality, all thanks to automation. If you're interested in other ways to get your garments decorating, Heat Transfer, Sublimation, Direct to Garment (DTG) and Direct to Film (DTF) are some options you could consider. But let's not kid ourselves, screen printing still remains the king for any large corporate clients looking to make a statement!


Need to print high volumes? Screen printing remains the king, thanks to new tech smartening up production. We divvy up the blocking stencil and ink-mesh extravaganza to up the quality of your designs, fast. Other methods like Heat Transfer, Sublimation, Direct to Garment (DTG), and Direct to Film (DTF) just can't handle it.

Furthermore, if you're looking to dazzle corporate clients with stunning prints? Say no more! At Red Bird, our team of artful designers uses the perfect blend of math and science to bring all your designs to life. Our keen-eyed press operators ensure that every print is detailed and flawless. We live and breathe screen printing, working tirelessly to provide you with top-notch, vibrant apparel for your corporate events. Need them fast? We've got you covered, no matter the deadline. Come explore what Red Bird can do for you!


Screen printing will give you the best over all print.  The final outcome of a screen print will be a graphic that is rich in color and vibrant.  To ensure that you get a clean, detailed print on each garment, our team of skilled graphic designers, ink mixers and press operators use art + math + science to bring your design to life.  Our shop eats, breathes, and sleeps screen printing and we work very hard to provide our clients with the best quality printed apparel the market offers. .  If your business is considering t-shirts for an upcoming corporate event, or your team is expanding and in needs t-shirts for new staff or for a last minute annual promo,  Red Bird is here to help get you what you need when you need it. 


Designed T-shirts



To place an order, select a color, style, and material from our available brands to find the garment that best fits your needs. If you are unsure, we are here to assist you in finding the perfect shirt. Please note, our pricing is based on several factors, including quantities. To receive low competitive prices, ensure you order enough for the whole family.



To place an order for superior quality prints, provide us with high-resolution vector images, preferably in .Ai or .SVG format with a resolution of 600 DPI while providing placement and image sizing details. Keep in mind, quality artwork is the foundation of a good printed product



Once your garment style and color have been selected, we will create a digital proof.  This proof is a replica of what the final product will look like.  Upon your approval of the proof, we will then order your blanks tee and immediately begin our pre production process.  Once the garments arrive we will inspect, print, fold and box your garments neatly.  Turn around times may vary.


GPTempDownload (6).jpg

Fashion trends are constantly evolving and if you’ve been keeping up with today's fashion trends, you’ve probably noticed how Puff Ink Prints are regaining popularity especially with streetwear.  The last 2 years we printed roughly 270+ orders that had requested Puff Ink.  


What is a Puff Print

Puff inks add a 3 dimensional look to your screen printed design. To achieve the Puff finish, we use a plastisol based ink that’s modified with the addition of a heat reactive foaming agent that makes the ink expand.  This can be done with an ink color of your choice.  It can be used across the entire artwork, or you can choose certain elements or colors of the design you’d like to carry the puff effect.  As a result, you can make certain parts of the design to stand out and ‘pop’.  The only downside is matching exact pantones.  The puff additive makes it difficult to match darker pantones, so we generally recommend use of lighter colors since they can be matched easier


Less is More


There are no limitations when printing t-shirts with puff ink.  We suggest using it for designs 

with small details that are less than 1-2mm wide.  It works best with when your design has thick lines and minimal small details.  If you’d like text to have the puff effect, choosing the correct font is key.  The thicker the lines the better the design will stand out.  So go big or go home.

  • 1 week turnaround  ***5-7 days


A tone on tone print is a subtle style of printing that is best for creating a vintage or worn look and feel.  In art and design, tone refers to the measurement of relative darkness or lightness.  Black on black has been a popular dark tone on tone print.  Tone on tone prints work best when ink color is similar to the substrate.  Also, we’ve found that tone on tone prints work best on blended/tri-blend shirts.

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